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VRX 125-F

VRX 125-F

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VRX 125-F

New to the Apollo family, the VRX 125-F offers a unique style among all the Mini-Quads. With its front and rear racks, this solid vehicle is what you've been waiting for. This quad Apollo VRX 125-F is equipped with the latest and new generation of perimeter frame, made only at the Apollo factory. This quad will bring you comfort and stability for your off-road trips. Mounted with 8-inch wheels, this VRX 125-F will be able to pass any obstacles, it is an excellent alternative to offer your child the possibility to feel his first sensations on an all-terrain vehicle. Even for the adult, it offers more than interesting performance.

It is equipped with a quiet and economical YTX 125cc 4-stroke engine with one automatic gearbox, neutral and recoil. Thanks to its ajustable speed. it's unstoppable stability and its semi-automatic gearbox, this quad ensures a real safety without compromising the pleasure of driving an all-terrain vehicle.

This brand new quad Apollo VRX is the new quad reference in its category, with its very affordable price, no need to hesitate to buy it! Recommended for beginners young and old.

  • New perimeter frame
  • New look, unique
  • Steel feet supports
  • Quad child and teen initiation
  • 125cc 4 stroke engine
  • 8 inch wheels
  • Automatic


Unique look

Age required

16 years old


4-Stroke 125cc


8 inches
Cycle part




Gear ratios Sprocket 96 tooth
Type of engine Monocylinder 4T
Oil Capacity 900mL
Battery 12V - 5Ah
Maximum speed 50KM/H
Cooling Air
Cylinder 125cc
Maximum power 9Ch (6,6 kW) to 7500 tr/mn
Max torque 7Nm to 6500 tr/mn
Ignition CDI with microprocessor
Getting Started Electric
Transmission Auto, 1 speed, neutral, reverse
Final transmission Chain 428

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The use of Mini-Quads is strictly forbidden on roads open to public traffic. The use of a Mini-Quad not homologated for the public road must be done exclusively on ground adapted to this practice (circuits, grounds or courses) or private grounds for professional purposes by the owners of the grounds (agricultural activities, pastoral or forest). It is imperative to wear a full-face helmet consisting of one piece, resistant clothing protecting the legs, torso and arms, gloves and high shoes. The purchase of a Mini-Quad must be made by a person of full age. The use of a Mini-Quad by a minor must be done under the responsibility of an adult in charge. Minors under 16 years of age using this vehicle must be under the supervision of an adult. Read the owner's manual carefully before use. Never ride as a passenger. Apollo Motors undertakes to provide the spare parts of the vehicle for a period of 5 years after the date of purchase.

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